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中国领先的智能财税SaaS提供商-南京云帐房网络科技有限公司宣布完成8500万美元D轮融资,领投方为国际成长期投资机构Vitruvian Partners,多维海拓担任本轮融资的财务顾问。领投方投资款已经交割完成。




Nanjing Yunzhangfang Network Technology Co Ltd (“YunZhangFang”), a market leading next-generation accounting and tax software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider in China, has announced its Series D funding round of USD $85 million led by international growth investor Vitruvian Partners (“Vitruvian”). With this latest funding round, YunZhangFang will accelerate its sales and marketing spending, expand its product offering and continue to invest in adjacent technologies including RPA, PaaS, elastic computing and knowledge graph for tax accounting. The company is also looking to recruit experienced technology leaders to supplement the management team.






YunZhangFang has experienced exponential growth over the last three years, having served approximately 1.4 million SMEs across 26 provinces in China through its software solution for bookkeeping firms. YunZhangFang's product offerings have expanded from an integrated suite of accounting and tax software solution for bookkeeping firms to include also product modules for enterprises directly, such as accounting and tax modules, risk analytics modules, payroll and social insurance payment solutions. In addition to bookkeeping firms, YunZhangFang’s customer base now also includes SMEs, large enterprises with multiple subsidiaries and financial institutions.






Xinghua Xue, CEO and founder of YunZhangFang, said “Since 2015, YunZhangFang has pioneered the concept of next-generation accounting and tax software and quickly grew to become the market leader today. I credit our progress largely to our operating principles – focusing on organisational capabilities, talent development and continued product technology innovation. When we expand our business scope from single product to multi-business lines, it is important that we have a clear vision, and leverage our core strength rather than blindly follow the popular trends in the market.  The Series D funding will help YunZhangFang grow faster and become a better organization.”



Vitruvian Partners的团队表示:“中国税收法规的变化和行业的技术革命为财税SaaS供应商发展创造了绝佳的机会。在过去的几年中,云帐房凭借其一流的产品功能和自动化能力奠定了行业的领先地位,并且帮客户带来了生产力的显著提高。我们很高兴能与薛总和管理团队合作,帮助公司进一步加快发展,助力云帐房夯实在中国财税SaaS行业中的头部地位。”


The Vitruvian team commented “the frequently evolving regulations and technology revolution in the China tax industry have created the perfect opportunity for SaaS vendors to disrupt the market. Over the last few years, YunZhangFang has emerged to be the leading accounting and tax SaaS vendor with best-in-class product automation and functionality and has proven its ability to generate significant productivity improvement and ROI for its customers. We are excited to partner with Mr. Xue and the management team to help the company accelerate its growth and continue building its market leadership in the accounting and tax software space in China.”






About YunZhangFang (

Established in 2015, YunZhangFang is a next-generation smart accounting and tax SaaS solution provider to bookkeepers, enterprises and financial institutions in China. YunZhangFang has served approximately 1.4 million enterprises via its software solution for bookkeeping firms and expanded its product offerings to serve enterprise directly and financial institutions.



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Vitruvian是一家致力于培育创新并专注于成长期投资的独立私募资本。总部位于伦敦,基金在伦敦,上海,斯德哥尔摩,慕尼黑,卢森堡,和旧金山均设有办公室。 Vitruvian专注于由政策或科技驱动变革而带来行业高速增长的投资机会,涵盖软件信息技术,金融服务,生命科学与医疗保健,媒体以及企业和消费者服务等行业。


Vitruvian目前正从第三期基金进行投资 – 基金规模为24亿欧元,是欧洲最大的支持创新性和高成长性公司的基金之一。 Vitruvian过往投资了超过45家公司,管理的资产约为55亿美元。迄今为止,代表投资案例包括多个领域的全球市场领导者,例如Just Eat,FarFetch,Darktrace,Trustpilot,Marqeta,TransferWise,Skyscanner等。Vitruvian先前对软件行业创新者的投资包括Snow Software,Bitdefender,Pindrop,Unifaun,Accountor,Easypark和Benify等公司。有关更多信息,请访问


About Vitruvian Partners (

Vitruvian is an independent growth capital firm headquartered in London with offices across London, Stockholm, Munich, Luxembourg, San Francisco and Shanghai. Vitruvian focuses on dynamic situations characterized by rapid growth and change across industries spanning information technology, financial services, life sciences & healthcare, media, and business and consumer services.

Vitruvian is currently investing from its third fund, the €2.4 billion Vitruvian Investment Partnership III, which is among the largest pools of capital in Europe supporting innovative and higher growth companies. Vitruvian Funds have backed over 45 companies and have assets under management of approximately $5.5 billion. Notable investments to date include global market leaders in their field such as Just Eat, FarFetch, Darktrace, Trustpilot, Marqeta, TransferWise, Skyscanner and others. The Firm’s previous investments in software innovators include companies such as Snow Software, Bitdefender, Pindrop, Unifaun, Accountor, Easypark, and Benify. More information can be found at: